CompGen Team Develops Faster Algorithms to Analyze Genomic AssociationsCompGen Team Builds Ancestral Trees to Determine Disease-Causing Genetic VariantsJian Ma and Olgica Milenkovic work to understand what methods are needed to evaluate the statistical sufficiency of genomic data.
CompGen Team Develops Faster Algorithms to Analyze Genomic Associations
CompGen Team Builds Ancestral Trees to Determine Disease-Causing Genetic Variants
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Illinois CompGen and Harvard Chan School review Isaac, Illumina’s variant calling workflow

Bringing Big Data to Life

The CompGen initiative seeks to combine the collective strengths of Illinois’ genomic research with its prowess in large-scale parallel systems and big data to develop new technology that enables future genomic breakthroughs.

As part of the initiative, researchers aim to build an instrument that allows scientists to manage and process genomic information and algorithm development, while providing high accuracy of results, resilience to errors, and scalability with growing volumes of data.

The new technology could enable a better understanding of the basic processes of life, illumination on how evolution works, and custom treatments for disease, among other discoveries.

CompGen will also serve as a tool for educating students and corporations in novel, efficient ways to process and analyze genomic data and to handle “big data” in general.

Fall ’17 Fall Meetings

Please join us for an upcoming CompGen meeting.  These meetings are open to all and are a great place to network, build connections for potential collaborative projects, discuss joint grant opportunities and get to know other investigators.  The meetings will feature an invited speaker with broad appeal and will include open discussion on potential collaborations.  The meetings are held at the IGB in room 612 from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Friday, November 10th.
  • Friday, December 15th.