CompGen researchers are collaborating with industry and nonprofits to further research in computational genomics. Here are a few ways in which we are working with others to advance this important work:

Industrial-University Consortium

University of Illinois researchers are teaming up with colleagues from industry, medicine, and academia, drawing on the strength of individual players to create a group that truly pushes the boundaries of computer science, engineering, and genomic biology. Partners include IBM, Abbott Laboratories, Mayo Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine, and Microsoft, among others.

The first CompGen Consortium Meeting was held April 3–4, 2014, on the UIUC campus. Learn more here.

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

India-based Tata Institute is partnering with CompGen researchers to explore the structure and features of genomic data that inspire new computational paradigms, algorithmic scalability challenges, and big data management.

Tata and Illinois co-hosted a highly successful Inaugural UIUC-Strand-CTS (TIFR) CompGen Discussion Meeting and ITRA Strategy Formulation Meeting, Challenges in Genomics and Computing, in July 2013, at the ICTS-TIFR Centre on the IISc Campus, Bangalore. More than 100 participants attended, including 18 professors and researchers from UIUC. The two-day workshop incorporated a public forum into the meeting deliberations with a Public Forum on “Computing and Genomics: A Big Data Research Challenge.”